Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why don't we learn the basics? - like how to cook good food

While this issue is clearly one that is relevant to this thread , I have posted a response here .  The issue goes to the heart of the ongoing failures in our education system and more deeply--- the pedantic way we approach thinking about real life and living .

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dominion or Domination

We should all know there is a difference between the two D's but many are still confused enough to call one the other.  Christine Milne, in an irrational outburst at Tony Abbotts statements this week,  like many in the audience,  doesn't realise she's confusing two ideas and perpetuating a complete nonsense. Sadly she's not the only one who thinks they are logical about cutting edge conservation when they fail to study these matters , and their origins and practical implications fully.
 It's true, of course that dominion can be taken clearly to give licence to domination , but that's the full context ; are we complaining that men have a choice to be careless ignorant and arrogant? How clever do we expect governments to be? You can't have dignity and freedom if you aren't allowed the opportunity to sin . Many of the Greens(party) seem to think they will get the peasants to stop sinning-presumably  by giving even more power to the bureau .We all know the Greens  attitude to regulation reduction ------because of their theology .
The leader of the Greens is not alone in this because, like all the old reactionaries , they have sat on any good discussion on the myths and unworkable doctrines that the Green religions have perpetuated . (for eg ; that equality means we all should own the same ; that ownership is sort of "to be discouraged" ; their failure to promote diversity which implies that it " right and proper for diversity of capital investment to be encouraged" ; their ever so predictable default position " that nature can't be touched."  Too easy , too ideological  incarcerated
 The Greens, in the face of the reality of diversity and interconnectedness they don't fully understand prefer the easy road of "doing nothing" and advocating their predictable " no touch" policies. All too easy for a difficult beast.  If you can't touch Nature, can you care for it? Why have a Carbon Tax if we are not allowed" to touch "
The book of Genesis has been dismissed as irrelevant  but it is the authority of this idea of dominion, so its best to study it properly and fully. Not only is Genesis the origin ( in our culture at least) of the idea of dominion as an imperative and right of every man and woman  ( Genesis also portrays the paradox by talking to realities of abuse ) this neither positive or negative concept  is perpetuated consistently through this awefully boring ( to some) bit of foundational story telling /doctrine for Western Commonwealth discipline.   Its served us very well -- till we lost sight of it .
Bertrand Russell could see some paradoxes like D&D are never resolved ideologically but are resolved, as they were for thousands of years premarxist in our culture. just because you don't understand the logic behind something doesn't mean the logic is not there or that we shouldn't use experience to teach us limits and realities ( Russell's point)
The Marxists of course thought they knew a better way but its been proved shallow ,wrong in both theory and practice. So why is any thinking person still allowing some old pedantic and shallow remnants of their logic a voice?
There is no point in the reactionaries seeking to defend the empty rhetoric of anti dominion talk . They are living in the past and playing games with words and ideas they don't even understand.
When they have any common sense, even reactionaries who aren't behaving like children teach their children to have dominion over their bedrooms and toys . Copyright  Emperors Academy  10th March 2014