Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why our science education system is failing

Some suggestions for starters Here 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The city- she worry too mucha

August is the normal month for runoff in SE Australia, but you wouldn't think so listening to the news broadcasts . The science is not new,  but the panic is --which means instead of science we are living with something less.
Why did we ever build desalination plants when the Avoca  river , which rarely gets to the Murray , is back in flood?
The answer is that we don't have people who can read the earth running the country. We ecological geomorphs can read the signs in the sands and the shapes of trees .We can tell from the soils and the land and ecosystem shapes when and where water and soil react - when runoff is likely to happen --but  we have been largely dismissed from the advisory system. While we like a bit of computer processing , we  don't need a whole lot of expensive inconclusive speculative scenarios based on hot air from  the new age model manic climatologists to lead us into even more of that myopic driven gravy train .
We study the record of eons in the soils and shapes of river channels and plants to tell us whats likely and whats happened as far back as you like to name .  The rivers down the west of the State of Victoria seldom get to the big river,  let alone to the sea. and its clearly been that way for eons ! The writing is on the ground so to speak

Soon we will have all manner of worriers and pedantic word and phrase specialists running their pedantic little games running the country .Take ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWS(EF's ) the phrase has  been in the games rhetoric for 20 years,  but no one has dared to ask the nature worshipers what they mean by it .
ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWS-- WMCCMA  made a few meager attempts in the Wimmera river ( the Avoca rivers neighbour) - what does it all mean ?
Take the phrase "environmental  flow"  - what is it?  DSE won't be able to tell you because they haven't unhitched the idea from the tree of sacred knowedge yet .
I know "Its a flow that makes Lake Alexandrina   go" . But there are lots of ways that can happen
OK so "What is an EF  in the headwaters then? ". Something we stop by having water tanks perhaps ?
Or,  in a period of dry years, " is it good for the ecology of the estuarine and the riverine for the eggs to lie dormant on the dry bandbanks of the channel like say the Darling ?".   Of course it is - so it is good for channels to go dry sometime !
And how do the Greens propose to create floods now we are faced with AGW? -
I know ? Blowing up dams - but only at the right time and once the water was heated up by solar panels  or flood wave hydropower.
The Greens know what they are doing -- or are they just the lead chicken littles of the world ?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Independent research on our Population limits

Flannerys and Brown 's idea of another body to study population has a lot of superficial appeal. Says a lot about their impractical approach to things though ,that they would institute yet another bureau to drive some more "brilliance"  in this country .
Independent applied science on the environment  is my theme and work . The real safety of our world  is out there in advice these dummies never take - where 1000 flowers bloom ( not the terrible 2 twins) and the information and the balance between the facts is there . Well done Lea Sales on lateline afterwards on info age
What's very disturbing is the panels proposal to put a limit ( like a bomb on the curve - where would it be be;  who would place it?)  control over the agenda of research into the facts . The objective is not objective research about population drivers but research directed to a political objective - where to interfere in the growth curves !
We have the population facts and forecasts already ,  but what we impose on the discussion is paranoia and politics - that we  did I say loudly enough WE  need to limit whatever the study shows is happening to population  . The qandarers want to influence what is happening in the bedrooms of the world . The best way to stimey objective independent research is to state it politically and prejudiced way as they did on Qandary last night .
The water and infrastructure limits are known - you just have to get over the hurdle and brick wall  of blindness  that guilt,  projection and prejudice put in front of it. That's where the limits are - not with mere facts !

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Catchall phrases

Wait for it--- this will be good !

Category control errors in education policy

Victoria's Robert Hulls seems to think that " To be a good scientist you have to be a complete materialist ".
Perhaps He thinks religious type ideas are like a virus - to be dealt with by antibiotics ,weedicide or levicide ( after Robin William's recent statement ? ).
Hulls favourite pesticide seems to be to use our courts to weed out extremists from our schools. While the threat of Islamic extremists on camera seems to have given " this religion is a virus" view a lot of  popular airing,  The evidence from scientists  is  against such a restricted view  ( "Bios, Logos Theos" for eg) .Even pschycologists generally accept the need for humans to have"a religion of sorts" . Deny yourself  one and you may be suffereing from "a virus"  yourself ?  
Before parliament this week is a bill to insist teachers and schools go through a reality check .Hulls idea of a reality check - just a  little  constrained however . 
So how right are these old lefties-- about a subject they mostly haven't specialized in ?
These monists think subject categories should be checked and double checked for absolute truth , heresy and doctrinal purity  when no complete categorization is acceptable to any reasonable scientist .
Amazing you say? do your own homework I say - don't just listen to the wandering media.
 They worry too much too about things they clearly don't understand. In that way they are bit like the public mind they appeal to . 
For example , As I have said elsewhere I think kids at secondary school are smarter than they think They need exposure to all sorts of ideas and subject declassification and good schools ( a more acceptable focus?) accept that .  I don't like the noise and confusion and deafness created by the dull witted censorship and fixed subject classifications they are promoting .  I don't want my daughter's biology teacher ( at any school) to  go  beyond the subject of DNA and  adaption by natural selection,  to saying its "the theory of everything"  -a view common enough on the ABC but not in many schools - but it may happen .What polys can do to stop abuse,  I don't know . Its not their job anyway - its the schools job .  I don't want my daughter  (IDWMD) to fail to make the distinction between science and the philosophy of science. IDWMD to only hear that meterology is the only way we learn about climate, history, cosmological history , physics  and predictive earth sciences . IDWMD to constantly hear from her english teacher that "Lady's Chatterley's Lover" is the best guide to sexual relationships ever .Discuss it yes- thats the point ; Choice . Deal with the wolf   Maybe my daughter  can cope with knowing thats what the teacher really thinks anyway?  Its the noise and deafness controls that need some attention  --not the subjects .
 Its not what goes into a man that ruins him mate -If the prophet was right , Mr Hulls is busy at the wrong end of the stick . 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Science Ed in trouble -Forget blue skies, we're under a cloud right now

Everybody is talking about it (ABC lateline this week ) but  few seem to know how we got here .
The glass ceiling of business models is what Whitehead anticipated nearly 100years ago
He wouldn't have anticipated the form it might take in Australian politics

-Symbol man of science ( Mr Jones) whose forte is facts,  not how to put them together .

Humpty Dumpty ?
How the ABC have let this childish stuff go on for so long is beyond many of us .
He's fine entertainment on the Einstein factor,     don't get me wrong

- and the misplaced concreteness in subdividing the issue into lots on little parts .
I can remember having lunch with one very clever professor who was about to become a CRC guru advising him that even if he spent the earth on having a research division on surface water modelling and another group on subsurface , there was every chance they would not meet in the middle ,,where it mattered . Proved to be true .
The advice given to government on issue on water conservation over the last ten  years has been a dogs breakfast .
The school concept is all wrong . More here later