Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ABCTV's reputation on a downhill slide

Re Steam pictures + pollution?  on ABC again today

It would be great in 2020 ,if our once great ABC is still as highly regarded as it has been during its history to date . Some ABC journos are quite happy to risk some of the ABC's hard earned capital ; by carelessly adding adjectives to subjects and images that "say "something that they really don't say . Now in competition with the internet, this is no time for compromise, confusion , preaching or junior school ABC .
As all good Westerners know , the old 8th commandment is not only not known,  but not obeyed by many now whose attitude is " all truth is my truth to tell"  .Worse,"all" means justifying using images and adjectives to carry the case - Mcluhan would have failed some of them . ABC management  need to apply ecological common sense here - short term gain,  long term pain.

The ABC are of course,  like the public,  confused about what is actually coming out of all those stacks some stash infront of us as they try to tell a story about carbon . A proper report on the subject would help!!!!! The product of combustion is actually 2 green house gases . One works against the other so there is some sort of balance that's not talked about. Fortunately,  for all of us, we don't have to follow all the myriad of gas and  electromagnetic equations to decide whether warming will or will not be driven by combustion of composed carbon on earth . We should be free of the stupid fear that just because our car engines are hot the atmosphere will warm . Every night without a fight , the heat it moves off site . We have the history of the earth to tell us the general direction of things but no the media ( how different is the ABC these days ?) captivate and use the people's fear blindly ignoring the need for science ( not talk of what " scientists say" ) to address it . Its about credibility and whose gaining it and whose losing it and who simply is not being heard 
But the ABC don't want to let geologists talk - they disagree with some whose grasp of these issues is through their computers .
Warming , like combustion,  produces more clouds and more rain . That's why kindergarten class run by Flannery have had to move from GW panic to AGW panic to CC panic to get away from their mistaken primary causes . Flannery is of course a father of the year so we hear  - a father of lies? ,because  a good father would confess his mistakes ,  so the family is no longer confused . so should the ABC .

Also , the ABC should stop pushing the story by still calling the 2 products you can see in the picture as pollution . Elementary ecology will tell you that the real wonder of the world is recycling of both. Any politicians or ABC journo who dares mention the word "resilience"  ought to ask themselves whether they really know what it means for the rest of their story - and consult someone who practices in it,  providing real hope for a world of people now in fear of almost any risk or pressure at all .
The real discussion about the real need for a real education revolution has yet to happen.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We maybe alone in the universe,but we may also not be

Whats next in exploring the universe? - the big meet ?The Curiosity is confronted by mere aluminosilicates , the Voyager light years of empty and our place is producing food ,fantasy and fun every second .maybe there is more happening than we will ever see..http://www.terrybisson.com/page6/page6.html

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Equality - some marriages could be more equal than others

The farce of the farm continues amongst our leaders with not even a whisper about great literature from any party.
Literature is that stuff that summaries and points to the substance whereas mere science and philosophy is too cumbersome to come to the point quickly and succintly.

There is a saying that s its better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt . While the polys lapped up the attention this week over talk of their heroes , many of them would have been better off to say nothing . The key offenders revealed that they don't read widely enough and made us think their wisdom comes too much from listening to themselves ( if only) .

John Stuart Mill mentors Hockey and Swan swoons over Springsteen, but no one mentions Orwell.
Those in charge want us to dance again to the animal farm rules of equality. Where all animals talk equality but no one but the pigs in charge know what it really means.  If marriage is to be equal, why can’t a man who can afford them, have as many wives as he likes? And why wouldn’t those of us who insist that marriage best be monogamous be prosecuted for discrimination under equal equality laws? Maybe we live in the land of double speak and just don’t know it?  The older children are certainly in charge, but will the children of the future be discriminated against in a world where even “mum” and “dad” mean different things to different people

 Hockey won the point with  us /many by putting John Stuart Mills name forward as a great thinker of his time. If we are to reach young people,  it seems to me a testimony that relates to the present is critical . Would the mere mention of Galbraith , Ghandi  or Mandella have gazumped the dance 
party atmosphere by those who are now just playing around  ?