Monday, March 22, 2010

Science Ed in trouble -Forget blue skies, we're under a cloud right now

Everybody is talking about it (ABC lateline this week ) but  few seem to know how we got here .
The glass ceiling of business models is what Whitehead anticipated nearly 100years ago
He wouldn't have anticipated the form it might take in Australian politics

-Symbol man of science ( Mr Jones) whose forte is facts,  not how to put them together .

Humpty Dumpty ?
How the ABC have let this childish stuff go on for so long is beyond many of us .
He's fine entertainment on the Einstein factor,     don't get me wrong

- and the misplaced concreteness in subdividing the issue into lots on little parts .
I can remember having lunch with one very clever professor who was about to become a CRC guru advising him that even if he spent the earth on having a research division on surface water modelling and another group on subsurface , there was every chance they would not meet in the middle ,,where it mattered . Proved to be true .
The advice given to government on issue on water conservation over the last ten  years has been a dogs breakfast .
The school concept is all wrong . More here later

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