Thursday, August 12, 2010

Independent research on our Population limits

Flannerys and Brown 's idea of another body to study population has a lot of superficial appeal. Says a lot about their impractical approach to things though ,that they would institute yet another bureau to drive some more "brilliance"  in this country .
Independent applied science on the environment  is my theme and work . The real safety of our world  is out there in advice these dummies never take - where 1000 flowers bloom ( not the terrible 2 twins) and the information and the balance between the facts is there . Well done Lea Sales on lateline afterwards on info age
What's very disturbing is the panels proposal to put a limit ( like a bomb on the curve - where would it be be;  who would place it?)  control over the agenda of research into the facts . The objective is not objective research about population drivers but research directed to a political objective - where to interfere in the growth curves !
We have the population facts and forecasts already ,  but what we impose on the discussion is paranoia and politics - that we  did I say loudly enough WE  need to limit whatever the study shows is happening to population  . The qandarers want to influence what is happening in the bedrooms of the world . The best way to stimey objective independent research is to state it politically and prejudiced way as they did on Qandary last night .
The water and infrastructure limits are known - you just have to get over the hurdle and brick wall  of blindness  that guilt,  projection and prejudice put in front of it. That's where the limits are - not with mere facts !

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