Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We know

Remember that great moment on Fawlty Towers when Sybil is saying to her friend on the phone while both are propped up in bed " I know . I know , I know " . Your listening but you are not really listening . Too much

Loved Red's reflection today on 774 on lack of humility by the 2 who "knew all about the moon "- 

A constant driver for a very high view of one's own knowledge ( and the pedantry that is part theme here ) has been the very  human tendency to presume on one's own knowledge  .
I have come to believe  that God gives us children to remind us just how bad that disease can really be ----quite close to home.
 :"I know ": they say : "Do you have to go on ": "oh Dad .....not again "  . I mean the only reason you keep annoying them ( is not because you enjoy being a pain to your children ) but simply because you care that they don't stumble ......the truth clearly hasn't sunken in yet ...going on the rhetoric .
And it doesn't go away - "to tell you the truth" ( how do we treat all the've said before )....." how do know a man is lying.... his lips are moving" .
In the face of all the things we don't know and that stumbling stupidity we all seem to have , Truth is often out the door .  How come Jesus could  make that most amazing claim that He was" the way, The Truth and the Life "- he would have to be a megloomaniac or addressing one of the biggest diseases and maladaptive drivers of mankind  ..head on  - OUR pretence about what we know and what we think we know.

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