Friday, July 1, 2011

Too much Information

No more common expression of our day symbolises the problem of our day . "Keep it simple stupid" : is not only right today,  but it was always right . How did we ever get it so bad with TMI ? Maths teachers I know admit "we just do too much maths ".
How then did the founders of our modern civilisation get it so right when they met in Nicene 17 centuries ago and said "enough is enough ". . "We don't object to more books in Alexandrian libraries , but we reject the  Greek inheritance when it crowds out and doesn't identify the essentials  . " Infact ,we reject the idea that all the rules and rulings need to be there - men are born free with a will to live free so  most of the things you need to order your life are not in there - you have a mind and a will to do good -- use it "
We can all sit around here for another thousands years and still be no better off than Socrates as far as putting the pieces together .
How come they knew that the jig saw pieces would keep changing ........and we don't?
 "There are 66 books that talk to walking the walk and that's enough to get all the  basics right ". It doesn't mean there are other stories,  and most importantly,  it doesn't claim to tell you how to live ( except who to talk to about that) . Who needs that?????   Too much information and No freedom ( like we are supposed to have been born with - our inheritance !)  Copyright Emperors Academy July 1st 2011
Being completely rational has its down side - TMI

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