Sunday, March 25, 2012

Once Categorized - the lesson from the shock is filled away

RE Labor party down to as few as 8 seats in a landslide loss in QLD at the weekend

At bottom of Labor's loss is a con. The Greens con Labor into thinking they know what they are doing. While Labor don't see it, they will continue to fall into deep holes .
In city central Buffers , rules and taxes work to make things work better environmentally.  In the real world Green labor allianaces are simply not credible.
I would be the last person to say exploitation of the earth is NOT one of our biggest challenges BUT  Mere words are not enough.We can all talk problems ,but few there be that know solutions. The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intentions. You must be good at doing environment before you offer solutions to environment. If the Greens were serious about being credible they would study the subject a lot more deeply BEFORE they opened their mouths and sought to prize open our purses.

When something unexpected happens we all ask why ? And just a bit more deeply when the shock is deeper than normal .

Children often don't realise there is a problem with their lives direction until they get shock therapy. What about adults ?
Children might blame asset sales , swings and sickness, the gene pool or even bad advice from someone else ( not normal as so seldom done )  but real cause may go down unnoticed. Adults might blame their neglect of oikonomia is due to their commitment to bringing the bread in  but really its still bad personal balance. The more we believe in the righteousness of our reasons for stubbornly refusing to address the problems of oikomia  the more we seem to not wanna budge;  child or parent . Best intentions are the smoke screen we put up to hide ourselves from the truth.
Blyth , in her result speech mentioned her best intentions but few picked up on their significance  as one of the key causes for her governments loss of credibility.

The trouble seems to be that , unless the shock is personal , we tend to be happy with shallow answers . We can con ourselves about our lack of complicity . Blame someone else.
Many of the audience are happy with  any answer  that's not personal because it avoids the most painful thing - the role of the personal . Even the critical important question for pollies - how much was I conned , often neer gets properly addressed ? QLD labor people need to cut their ties , reflect and repent of the half truths they perpetuated . Such rebuilding takes time
People who practice science ( cf those who talk science) know that its a tedious business to check "why"
The result is that most of the people who talk too early on the subject of " something outside them" talk too shallowly and tend to project blame on an institution or a cause out side the personal . This of course is crap because the con is real . After all , last straw is not the important factor or the secondary loss may not be the primary loss factor . Labor's loss has
Julia Gillard is right to mention deep rebuilding but will the party dig deep enough . At least she like the new QLD leader recognises  the danger - in power the tendency to think "we know what we are doing" can be overwhelming  .
If you never get beyond the SMD,  you never realize that describing the problem is nothing compared to describing the solutions . The Greens can't even get the problems right, so what business is it of Labor to listen to them .
YOU never move on if you build on sand . You never move on if you don't recognise where you were conned and conned yourself .
We are afraid,of course,  when threatened like Blyth must be , that we have believed a lie. Admitting we have believed a lie is not to die or fall into the abyss,  but to find a foundation . To admit we have been part of the lie is the same .WE are never rich when we know what to do,  only when we are poor in the spirit .  The problem is , if we don't get to the bottom of the problem,  others who love and care for us may also wait a lifetime till we do.  Do good -do better next time

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