Monday, June 25, 2012

The great threats to free speech

Victorians are rightly concerned that newspapers entrusted with a independant and reporting profile are under threat. Despite its great history , The Age has been failing to properly represent a number of groups for quite some time . Pressure of space doesn't help but who is prepared to pay for 2 sides esp on environment where progressives think its all on the new age side ?
The Age still comes up with some good reports but not in the area i am interested in and often only tokenistically . The Australian  is less predictable and therefore  worth a listen and  subscription .Where is the "Andrew Bolt "amongst the Age's reporters?
 The real problem then is a growing lack of diversity in newspaper content .
what Internet lacks in quality it makes up in diversity, feedback and undermining the pedantry and predjudice that were always limits in newspaper reporting. 

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