Sunday, August 5, 2012

Equality - some marriages could be more equal than others

The farce of the farm continues amongst our leaders with not even a whisper about great literature from any party.
Literature is that stuff that summaries and points to the substance whereas mere science and philosophy is too cumbersome to come to the point quickly and succintly.

There is a saying that s its better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt . While the polys lapped up the attention this week over talk of their heroes , many of them would have been better off to say nothing . The key offenders revealed that they don't read widely enough and made us think their wisdom comes too much from listening to themselves ( if only) .

John Stuart Mill mentors Hockey and Swan swoons over Springsteen, but no one mentions Orwell.
Those in charge want us to dance again to the animal farm rules of equality. Where all animals talk equality but no one but the pigs in charge know what it really means.  If marriage is to be equal, why can’t a man who can afford them, have as many wives as he likes? And why wouldn’t those of us who insist that marriage best be monogamous be prosecuted for discrimination under equal equality laws? Maybe we live in the land of double speak and just don’t know it?  The older children are certainly in charge, but will the children of the future be discriminated against in a world where even “mum” and “dad” mean different things to different people

 Hockey won the point with  us /many by putting John Stuart Mills name forward as a great thinker of his time. If we are to reach young people,  it seems to me a testimony that relates to the present is critical . Would the mere mention of Galbraith , Ghandi  or Mandella have gazumped the dance 
party atmosphere by those who are now just playing around  ? 

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  1. We managed to stop being quite so pedantic as the old Greeks when civilization got on with living with paradox fir 16 centuries . The Paradox of the Trinity confused those who were quite happy to just sit around and talk confusion . What equal but different . Australia's in the grip of another anti intellectual straight jacket. One which insists that the truth is stuck between the beginning and end of a word, or a phrase. "I told you I was sick" said the man who reflected our current madness. You heard it first on blogger