Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We are taking the Environment seriously

Superficially , ......which simply means we aren't taking it seriously at all.
The blokes in charge in Victoria , Australia think they are doing a wonderful job . They have moved "The Environment "onto the front page in every quarter of the land and every child's mind .(Our children may not know much but the new preachers from hell know how to tell us what's wrong with us. Poor kids have no hope ) .No longer does other bloke do what they like to do with the land and stuff it up. Those rich farmers!

Pity its only a headline and a good intention that creates great evil. All this talk of doing things to change direction makes people feel good and for some in leadership thats all that matters .Actually changing your own direction let alone societies is just a little more difficult - if we are being really serious.
Pity that , because its such a complex beast,  nearly every solution is wrong . You have to be simple to not see that .
-Pity that to really manage the beast ( people and the resources) you have to study both for decades.
-Pity that to do surgery in this area you MUST know what ARTERY you are cutting . So much careless talk and so much of it by THE GREENS and so much by the ABC who have now officially joined the fearmongers shop .Buy at your cost . No buy in and let the Government PAY for your simplicity

I interrupted Jon Feine's ( ABC RADIO) world problem solving segment last week to tell him of the despair out here in the Victorian bush .( Weekly times front page 1st may) People who aren't being listened to go quiet before they take their own lives ( 4 a week in rural aust) . I know many great public spirited people ,whom I will always respect for their big thinking inspiration., .. but nearly to a man .... they have gone quiet.  Thankfully Tim Wilson IPA, on that friday morning in May on 774 ,  agreed that there is an intolerable burden in some of what is being the best intentions... for better environ management . Meanwhile Jon, like so many who aren't learning fast or deep enough, supported those who come out here to tell us how to look after the environment ( fine if they knew but they have no grace to listen and realise their ignorance ).

It would funny if it wasn't so serious - the city solving the countries problems ; Readers please acknowledge  there is projection ,ignorance , incompetence and guilt involved -- nothing is as it seems on the surface . the smart arses have the audacity to mock those who would stand up for those in danger .Did you see Bob Katter tell Ged why her brilliant quickfix for the cattle industry won't work on Q&A?  Did you listen to Clive Palmer quietly and respectfully say to too quick to spell/spit out Green and others that they were NOT listening but driving a QUICKFIX process that kills !- watch out for it ; its become a cultural norm and well identified as fanaticism . I don't agree with everything those 2  wonderful blokes say but God help our country if we have stopped listening ! will see more anger( or despair)  if you don't listen better!
These people who run our Shires on a industry fine ledger model just don't know what they are doing and should "but out ". I know some of them they genuinely think they are doing a good job -BUT  they aren't listening and if they are they are not doing something about what they hear -the responsible thing and saying " enough crap is enough "or even lets hear more from these blokes !!
Collecting reports of humpty but never able to put him back together again . It crushes and burns because it costs so much ( all the reports overlays and now offsets ( direct cost) ....and the big picture of better env  is never seen or found .I know because I got lots of great coastal and other local development and ecological protection going.How do I know ? - because they are still there performing at a sound rate !
All good deep thinking greens please unite to reject the nonsense of and mere bookkeeping as recipe for managing "the household".
We don't need market simplicities; we have moved on from them - we are rich but paid nothing and have got beyond 2 columns since before Moses.  We should all know better than to LET this happen --solving the worlds problems on a Monday night  .Look up ecomia and help move our collective level of respect for those who study and those who would help us move our ecological understanding into something more mature and workable than casual Green crap ( that most people are happy with) .The greatest evil is done in the name of the best intention . Join any of my blogs if you want to do more and do it properly.

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