Monday, July 6, 2015

Equality Imperatives for thinking people - Where reactionaries went wrong is to rely on bookeeping

There is always more than one way to skin a cat . Nothing wrong with sharing , but lets not be really Marx dumb about how we do it.  Legislation is a blunt instrument, but it appears to be only one of the few available to reactionaries and so they sometimes get all fanatical about using it  . As many even non believers  point out about the tyrants of our own century, and the logic of goverance of evil they applied - this ideal is more than frightening in practice , as practiced ; The greatest evil was done in the name of good intention of making all equal - a process never complete; a tension of war not peace ,If the whole picture be put, its not even natural .
While progressives will often resist what's written below,  one party,at least,  seems bent on denying  themselves the opportunity to really move on  and thereby will fail to push for a fully matured debate about whats possible with the mixed material of mankind . .
In our own time, we have repeat bouts of same old same old solutions to the inequalities around us . Unequal treatment of women, aborigines and now gays .
The point is,  inequality occurs and its not all bad.  Some of it is " natural "; some of it  is perception based ( "poor me, poor them" ) and some self induced ( greed poor decisions, waste etc) .If we seek to reduce all of it, or say "it's the governments job to force it back to order" or call less "disadvantage "a sin ( which its not) we adopt an universal solution to a diverse origin and reality/myth . In funding these forced things amongst a free and diverse people, we insist on bankrupting our governments and productive sectors  ; we insist on an unsustainable authority and parenting style .

As stated in previous posts, those who reject the Creators promise of all equal ( God can do it because his knowledge is perfect,  His provision of manna  provided to the Hebrews was equitable even though the human accountants list suggested otherwise )  are destined to limit themselves, not only to the material and the bleeding obvious ,  but to blind others to the greater wonder of actual abundance,diversity of gifts , cooperation, co dependence , miracle and diversity . Such blinkered accounting will miss the way it has drawn our civilization to a glass half full view of what we can do together . Its not brilliant , but dumb to let what  we see dominate over what we  can't.  It is part of the big picture  blessing given to our culture that  we were taught  to not worry about what we haven't got , believing that our gifts / foods are different and the ledger obscure .

If we can't motivate the people , how can we hope, even with the toughest tyrant , ( some prospect always of another) to change the world . Neiman makes the telling point that its no good relying on reason in these matters either as full reasoning is "missing" .The argument that the people are sheep and need to be led is fine till you think about the wolves , whose nature is to get what they want out of the deal .

To quote in part from "George Bernard Shaw " By G K Chesterton  who made light of the Fabians now long standing fantasy with simple arguments and accountancy .

Bernard Shaw threw himself as thoroughly as any New Woman into the
cause of the emancipation of women. But while the New Woman praised
woman as a prophetess, the new man took the opportunity to curse her and kick her as a comrade. For the others sex equality meant the
emancipation of women, which allowed them to be equal to men. For Shawit mainly meant the emancipation of men, which allowed them to be rude to women. Indeed, almost every one of Bernard Shaw's earlier plays might be called an argument between a man and a woman, in which the woman is thumped and thrashed and outwitted until she admits that she is the equal of her conqueror. This is the first case of the Shavian trick of turning on the romantic rationalists with their own rationalism.  GKC

The law is an ass and those who love it too much bear the smell of its incompleteness. The West was blessed with less because the high cost of good governance increases exponentially with the words . Let every legislator "leave off and make it lean" . 
The rich in our culture have big responsibilities.  Only those rich enough to prosecute the law properly ( meaning in part our bureaus ) can be responsible to deal with the adjacent other wordy issues of liberty ,grace , offence, punitive , education  and right judgment  that are needed to sustain it in its context. 

The only inevitable thing about simple equality arguments is that they don't last long before people see through them . That;s why some insist we must push the cuurrent  legislation through.

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