Sunday, January 29, 2012

Marriage, democracy and other sacred objects

The above 2 words are losing their value . Being treated as sacred  isn't helping revive interest in the best way to keep their original meanings alive in our culture and keeping sense of their importance as ideals .
The hypocrisy of not allowing a discussion is more obvious, it seems to me , if we observe the phenomenon in another culture.
Why for example are PapuaNG ( esp this week )leaders both keen to look like they are running a democracy,  when one or many parties don't respect the spirit of it . ( NEWS  ALSO  /Syria/ Iraq/ Thailand) Truthfulness about " a no talk situation "would help us see the truth and how to keep the spirit alive . No talk prevents discussion and allows abuse by religious isolation and veneration.

Is the hypocrisy evident in  current PNG politics ( 2 leaders claiming  to represent the people ) something we TOO could be excused of .
Marriage is observed  (Both leaders claim parliamentary support ) but family breakdown is obvious.  These dumb observances, mere description  and talk of mere numbers  fail to deal with the hypocrisy and key disease of "allowing everybody to  do your own thing as morally right" .Good governance becomes by default bad governanace if you don't define governance better that the rule of the majority ( The Greeks knew this,  why don't we?The Greeks knew that information is power (Aristocracy) why don't we?    The real status of any  marriage amongst political leaders is obviuos -often  only just a piece of paper .Worse,  it can be plain hypocrisy on the part of parties;  less than worthless,  plain distracting .
Marriage and democracy isn't a problem to those who know what it really means . Refusing to discuss what it means can mean that a new generation won't know what it really means !
In our own culture,  Marriage equality is made out to be a big ambition that we must and haven't achieved to date. Surely such an ambition, if achieved ,will be a hollow one  because redefinition will kill the spirit of the word just as technofix over it now ,when marraige no longer works for most people, has killed the interest . My point is , the spirit is more easily lost by seeking to shore up some silly sacred view of it .

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