Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fighting off disaster

Nothing breaks up the parties of wannabes and their worrier friends than a real environmental event. The chooks are all amok because of floods.   Rural people are used to wavering fear dread and disaster talk from the left field . What Australia,  that country of innovators and planners don't seem to see  is that while the wooriers are in charge noone is safe .
If the worriers are not looking in the right places  (eg science in practice focus) , so the tax effort and all the bells and whistles are all wasted.
The key clue to the disaster in crude old Canberra  is that, like Captain Bligh the latter ,  they think that good decisions come from a piece of paper,  not a person . Personal responsibility is the be all , end all of Western politics and many of our pollies don't even know it .
We need not fear being physically overtaken by the east , we are already been overtaken by it by the way we think /don't think .

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