Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Too many loose threads -giving you a headache?

Its amazing how long the people (in the now reactionary West) can be strung along . New color and movement seems to be what has revived interest in what Rudd is doing.  For some obscene reason we are all in the jungles of PNG this week.  
What happens when such leaders run out of salvation destinations to send our problems to?

Perhaps more importantly , what instability of mind leads to people not being sure of what they know ?
Gary Furnell makes a good case for the traditional view of why a real education revolution is needed . Australians are some of the most pedantic of any . see first posts on this blog . Worse they don't understand that you can actually understand something without having to prove it point by point . Most of us are too busy making high level risk decisions to try and explain even the first few steps to a certainty that's become part of our science understanding .

Our now tired and predictable education system has ALSO given in to idea that ideas evolve and therefore stringing along is anything but wrong. This means we no longer focus well enough on the building idea in education.There are steps but some routes go nowhere but down or out.

Furnell's point too is that paradox is a way to box understanding without spending your life in space travel . Its a great article ,  but won't suit those who have spent their lives trying to find a place to hide inside their own limited logic.                              QUADRANT magazine May 2013

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  1. Maybe the media wannabes are nervous .the twitterphere has remained them that WE know more than their advisers and so no one is saying , or trying to say anything significant . Great question from the audience on Qanda about " why aren't polys accountable for "half right " . Surely its not just polys problem- we may all be nervous to say anything sig =offensive?
    The "petty" is an outpouring of the only response possible?