Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Political realities - noone is interested in detail -including journos

In a moment of truth on The Drum today, Kerry questions Greg about his sources to reveal he has no credible ones; Greg reveals just how shallow much news journalism is,  even on the ABC.

The journos are happy to just chant data data data , as if it tells us something revealing . All such pedantry in bookkeeping worship proves,  is that they too are easily lead . more interested in bookkeeping trivia than real accountability?Like the public they get lost is stats so why do they ask for them ? 

The panel were agreeing that most Australians don't want any detail . On questioning,  Greg reveals his " survey " was largely based on those on his facebook page etc  .

This is after a week of repeat choruses from the press that " the opposition aren't showing us the figures "  all they were interested in was piece of paper with 2 numbers on it -  a total of two columns - no detail please .Maybe the Libs should have had more but budget is never intended to be final and yet the press will use it so

In another side to this shallowness,  you have Rudd in the debate with Abbott picking and choosing the data from his own cheat sheet.

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