Monday, November 4, 2013

Pedants paradigms run out of steam

Q&A ABCTV last night . Greer doesn't like marriage cause it doesn't work for her , Dan isn't convinced by anything but thinks a bunch of stats will do it ( The typical excuse of someone who can't and won't make up their mind is someone who talks stats ) and Hanna gets married because " its the done thing to do".( How reactionary in action ) If these selfies and their stale old reactionary doctrines were dangerous ideas,  its only because they were some years ago- when they were teenagers??. Young women prefer a burka to following the frustrated and tired old diatribe against church and men or whatever ( "what I think is wrong") of Germaine. How come The ABC don't see this - blinkered not dangerous ideas  , threatened not threatening ; sensing the disease but in denial, lest they find they have had the disease for decades.
The real revolutionary who still drives revivals and an  ongoing sense of liberal democracy in the West , thankfully, got a mention . ABCTV are as agents for the pregressives not alone in not saying too much about the good things that have gone before but to mention he leader on the others side - taboo  .ABCTV do the same thing to Jesus as Islam does - puts him in the old hat basket ( category error of course created by your worldview)  
Some of our kids do think . They might not think broadly enough to switch channels to half full but they know the ABC preach utopia but teach dsytopia.  Few in our education devolution culture have found their way back to  a glimpse of the real world which is neither-- ecomia . Young people observe the disconnect  between the depession in the real world adult painted world and its  trumped upoptimsim of the positivsist on the TV  They see that  the children that are in charge and they see grown adults as children because the children in charge have never grown up - to see the big picture , the good that's possible ;that everything is not as bad as a young tennager might be xepecetd to think ( but not a mature man)Utopia might be real if they had  to both have a job and the commitment that protects mother and child , they can safely reject its simplicities ( juvenile or infantile was Hitchens word) .  After all the B&W label ( first question ) didn't work because the real world is both  B &W AND technicolour . Bigger than one side or any side. 
These tired old fanatics in charge  should know that while they only believe in things they can see , they may be missing out on a lot thats happening . They should know that if they really want to talk dangerous ideas the radical revolutionary who was killed by the  political forces of his day just might make his presence known - scary........ He did .
To be really radical you have to be ----not be line but on the edge . The centre may appear safe but it no place for those who think - Its comfortable being in the centre... like sheep , you can see both sides of the argument ( but only from a pedants non dialectic standpoint )but you have no real view and be quite unmoved over which  of the Hitchen brothers is right ( Are they standing on the edge of territory worth fighting for and whose claims are best supported by the landscape beyond ? .)

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