Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shorten is embarassing on education

The more Bill Shorten speaks on Education as he did at the press club today , the more he reveals the weaknesses in Labors education policy-- its a facade undermined by a commitment to a nonsense ( the idea of disadvantage )  . The Freudian slip where he used "entitlement "instead of "enlightenment" said it all .
The Labor party are on the drip feed to presuming they,  of all people can decide on what others need . I accept that Libs too entitle some of the wrong things
Needs based funding would be OK if Governments KNOW and can decide what kids need . Parents should decide such things and Labor supporters are deciding to pay more to send their kids to the schools they dare to see as overly advantaged.
If I was a Fabian or on Emily's list I would be worried - Shortens desperate use of "progressive and innovative and challenging "is a look back, not a look better or forward- a fanatical defence of whats been 6years of talking andbeing taken for ride ---- as if they have gone somewhere  .
Australia will judge all the talk about a future "good society" knowing that Labors society of last few years is just talk - the dummies can't see it yet - they have been givin de money to the entitlement and children in charge culture.

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