Monday, April 13, 2015

Guilt - just another area of confusion

Tony Delroy (ABC radio evenings) normally makes for interesting radio , allowing lots of time to cover the territory -relaxed informative . Last nights program on "guilt" with the clinical psychologist  Susan scared me -none of the people on the warm side of the microphone were prepared to get to the bottom of it .    So much for intelligent radio

  1. "Its one of a number of bad feelings" -So instead of subdividing them we allowed all sorts of bad feelings to be  lumped together into one . Clearly this diversion prevented proper medicine being applied to anger , false guilt , denial and obfuscation-- the realities so rarely recognised - the very serious and substantial  issue of sin and offence . It clearly too reinforced the nonsense that we are happier if we ignore or deny the reality of the sin ? No wonder our children are in trouble --- they have so little basis for understanding " whats wrong "  
  2. Both presenters were willing to allow denial on the subject  and try to wash away any substance to its positive role ( Susan ) . Moist callers were happy to smooth over .... but not all 
  3. False guilt is not something to be dismissed......soem listeners would have got no help from this hiding 
  4. The last caller was a symbol of the danger of just talking about it ( the only solution identified by moderns for the last few decades is talk --) Confession may have set the process of reconcialiation in train 20 years either with a different result ( Closer recognition of their weaknesses) 
  5. Not once did either party talk to the issue of the moral values and how both false and true guilt are developed form them . If they had ,,,,at least the listeners would have had something more than ducking and weaving so evident in their  dealing with these issues

    It is not hard to see why Muslim families are more effective  than modern families because whatever you think of their moral values they at least have them

    Tony Delroy and others - talk about this properly . Our children need to to hear soemone other that poor lady confess to unresolved guilt over sexual matters . Half the girls in the country need more than your careless crap on the subject .

    Too bad if you have to ditch the progressives ( you know themn are they really?) rubbish about us being in some sort of progressive sexual revolution .

    Your choice----- to either represent us or to ignore us . To face guilt or ignore it !

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