Sunday, May 31, 2015

Equality - whatever happened to diversity

I don't see how any sane person can vote to change the definition of MARRIAGE when its clearly trying to change the substance of what it has meant for centuries and clearly cross culturally . This is just another overly ambititous, almost tyranical, claim by reactionaries who as Chesterton said over 100 years ago about his Fabian friends ; they don't want democracy to mean a parliament or a republic , but just want what they haven't got . What do they want ? Do they know ?" An improved sense of their status"? So much for depth and sustainability if its a feeling or even thats where its coming from !
Our society. like science, is only functional if we maintain definitions that mean something. This whole effort to simplify will only confuse and restrict as the feminist movement did before it . No longer will we feel free to have the full conversation about diversity because unity is the extremely dumb and constricting determinant .As the catholic paper points out "Only the conjugal view accounts for both facts." We could add "all the facts " needed to be considered here ; adoption , surrogacy, ideal marriage , disfunctional marriage , and civil marriage in an austrailian, christian or muslim context .
God help this country if we are no longer allowed our God given right to call things what we wanna call em =define things .
God help the government with their difficult decision about what civil marriage means if some smart arse legislation not only tells them how to do it , but doesn't help them find any clearer way of talking to it ; This is smartarse legislation that not only tries to tell people what love is, it but also wants to say what words we should use about all the different types of relationships existing . What will be a family for taxation purposes in ten years time ? .This is only one question for this very weak week in our history . Born Equal and equal before the law - but they are religiuos concepts ( see Neiman) This idea of equality contrasts with natures striving to maintain cooperation in diversity - equality is not a concept derived by deduction , peerreview or physiological or genetic drivers I pity the man . Looking for identity but expecting the driver behind to know where its all going

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